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Andrea Stutesman, Pastel Artist, Black Mountain NC.jpg
Andrea Stutesman

Cell: 828-707-4955  


Black Mountain, NC

    Andrea Stutesman’s early art explorations began with pastels under the guidance of
    her mother, an accomplished painter. Through the years, I focused on textiles and
    created art quilts. In 2014, she took her first drawing course and began working
    with charcoal and graphite. This quickly blossomed into a love of color pencil
    paintings and more recently, pastel painting. I have experimented with watercolor,
    oil, and mixed media.
    I love to explore layering pastels, watercolor, and/or colored pencils to create
    detailed paintings that celebrate the color, patterns, and texture of the world. My
    work is from the heart, inspired by my interactions with people and places, or by the
    stories brought to me with requests for commissioned paintings. I strive to transform
    a sense of calm and connection that I experience when painting that will invite
    viewers to slow down and enjoy the beauty of life.

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