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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Is the Asheville Gallery of Art right for me?

A: The Asheville Gallery of Art is a unique opportunity for you, the artist:

  • Be an artist-owner.  There are 31 of us. We’re open 7 days a week. Together, we run a professional, full-service gallery business, giving you more time to create instead of meeting the demands of running a solo operation. Our up-to-date website, online store, local advertisements and daily social media postings are all done by fellow artist-owners. We all have an equal voice in how the gallery operates and evolves -- it’s really great. We operate with complete transparency, sharing sales and customer information with our co-owners.  

  • Support from other artist-owners. While we each pursue our artistic vision, we also share our knowledge of how we create, growing through shared experience and friendship. We celebrate our successes together. One of the fun things is calling a fellow artist to say “I sold a piece of yours today! Congratulations!”. At the Asheville Gallery of Art, we not only create art; we create bonds.

  • Show in an impressive gallery. Our centrally-located downtown gallery attracts a wide range of clientele, local and visiting. The spacious layout is professionally-appointed and impeccably maintained. Each artist has approximately 37 square feet of wall space, with opportunities to participate in additional featured exhibits, including your own solo show – very exciting!

  • Creative freedom. Artists have the space and freedom to choose what to show, within gallery display standards.

  • Unique value.  We believe our premium location and amenities, low fee structure, and 20% commission rate make the Asheville Gallery of Art the most attractively-priced gallery participation opportunity in the region. 

  • Leadership. Asheville Gallery of Art has the reputation for the best regional fine art since 1988.  We have been instrumental in establishing today’s vibrant local art scene and have launched countless successful artist’s careers in Western North Carolina.  Asheville art begins here!


Q: What criteria are used to select artists for the Asheville Gallery of Art?

A:  Artists are chosen based on their artwork and their ability to meet all membership requirements as summarized on the Prospective Member Information [link] page.  Artists are expected to have a cohesive body of work.  We welcome both established and emerging artists who meet these criteria.


Q: What type of artwork is the Asheville Gallery of Art representing?  Are there specific media or subject matter limitations? 

A: The Asheville Gallery of Art currently accepts original wall-hung fine art.  We seek to represent a diverse range of media, styles, and subject matter.  The gallery does not accept free-standing sculptures, fine art photography or computer-generated art.


Q: Are artists allowed to sell reproductions at the gallery?

A: No. Asheville Gallery of Art only sells one-of-a-kind, original artwork. We do have a large art case filled with smaller, unframed originals. For a small fee, each gallery member has the option to place items in the case.


Q: I understand that Asheville Gallery of Art is artist owned and operated.  What are my responsibilities as a co-owner? 

A:  Artists are responsible for curating their own display space in accordance with established gallery standards and rehanging (rotating to a new space) quarterly.  Gallery artists must clerk approximately one day per month at the gallery and serve on two operating committees.  As co-owners, artist must also participate in the gallery’s quarterly meetings and decision-making processes.


Q: I’m interested in applying to the Asheville Gallery of Art.  What is the process?   

A: The first step is to fill out the application form [link].  A member of our Jury Committee will contact you if there are any questions about your application. You will be asked to bring samples of your work to the gallery at the next scheduled jury date. Jury sessions are scheduled periodically based on upcoming vacancies.  


Q: If I am selected, how much time will I have before I start at the gallery?  

A:  When a space opens up, the Jury Committee will approach the next applicant on the wait list to confirm a start date.  We generally allow at least four weeks for a new member to complete preparations and be trained in gallery processes.  

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