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The Asheville Gallery of Art, the longest-established fine arts gallery in Asheville, is celebrating 30 years in business.


Founded in historic downtown in 1988, before our city became the thriving art mecca that it is today, AGA represents the vision of some of Asheville's most talented artists. We thank these bold and fearless pioneers who helped build our flourishing art community with passion and hard work.


As a 31-member cooperative, each gallery artist is a co-owner who not only displays artwork at the gallery but works to keep the business running.  In fact, each day one of our artists clerks at the gallery.   Prospective members are chosen through a jury process among dozens of applicants each year.  


With over 500 original works of fine art in a variety of styles and media, there is something for everyone at AGA. Framed art is displayed on our walls while additional unframed pieces can be found in our original art case. Browse the Artist Directory page to get a preview of the art you may enjoy up close and personal during your visit to the gallery. 


We pride ourselves on displaying the finest 2-D works of local artists while allowing our visitors to experience the gallery at their own pace, whether with friendly and informed assistance or as an intimate private stroll.

Unity in Art


The Asheville Gallery of Art welcomes people from near and far to enjoy our artwork and the power of visual images to provide excitement, remembrance, inspiration and comfort. 


The gallery is resolute in our commitment to serve the public in ways that respect the plurality of our communities and reflect our policy to ensure equity, diversity, inclusion and access to people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.


As a small business in Asheville, we pledge to continue to do our part to foster a community that is welcoming, safe and secure for everyone.  



Zoe Schumaker


Asheville Gallery of Art, Ltd. 

Small Business of the Month: 

Asheville Gallery of Art

bee sue and coc rep.jpg

Receiving recognition for Asheville Gallery of Art: Sue Dolomore,center and Bee Adams, right, with Chamber of Commerce Representative

Chamber of Commerce "Asheville Spotlight" February2020


Each month, we recognize a small business in Asheville that is noteworthy for their community contributions and mission. This month, we get to know the ladies behind the Asheville Gallery of Art. 


Tell us a little bit about the history of the Asheville Gallery of Art. 

The Asheville Gallery of Art is the longest established art gallery in Asheville. Founded in historic downtown in 1988, before our city became the thriving art mecca it is today, AGA represents the vision of some of Asheville's most talented artists. 


What's a little known fact about AGA? 

On any given day, our gallery contains over 500 pieces of original art created by our 31 local artists. Visitors will find a variety of styles, techniques, and medums represented. 


Any tips for other small businesses? 

Delegate tasks according to people's passions, interests, and experience. We believe that people want to work and be happy doing it, so we seek to find that win-win situation for all of our members. Don't forget to show your appreciation often! 


The Asheville Gallery of Art 

  82 Patton Ave #2803, Asheville, NC 28801

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