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Kelly Saunders

Cell: 678-492-4970 


Biltmore Lake, NC

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I’ve always enjoyed painting. But I wasn’t an artist. I was a corporate consultant. I was a mom. I was a frustrated creative staring at a blank canvas with no direction.

But then it dawned on me. It’s as simple as painting what you’re passionate about.

So I did.

I painted a guitar, and it clicked. Then I painted more guitars. Then a saxophone. Then a few musicians. And much like in a movie when the character is writing so frantically that the pieces of paper are flying off of the desk, I poured decades of music experiences onto canvases and haven’t slowed down since.


As a lifelong music lover, my work comes from the heart, expressing things that only music and art are able to say. Having been to well over 1,000 concerts (with the number quickly growing), I draw inspiration from each show and the fellow fans whom I meet.


I am self-taught, working primarily with acrylics and embracing the messiness and forgiving nature of palette knives. I am known for my signature style of layers upon layers of textures and colors, with a collection that is varied yet identifiable.


Now I proudly say that I am an artist, one who is fueled by music. Because I believe that inspiration for the visual arts is everywhere. You just have to listen for it.

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