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Carol Fetty.jpg
Carol Fetty

Cell: 352-562-6304 


Waynesville, NC

    Carol Fetty is a mixed media painter. Residing in the mountains of North Carolina. Her paintings pay homage to the inspiration and beauty surrounding her. She discovered her extreme talent and aptitude for art late in life and was courageous enough to take the plunge to become a serious, professional artist. 

    To our delight, Carol Fetty's works of art embrace us with a visual journey, and deliver feelings of  harmony that are felt and remembered long after our first encounter. By using a brush and paint she transforms a plain white canvas into a thing of beauty.
    “I am a story teller and my hope is to connect with the viewer in a personal and emotional way."

    Her fusion of realism with abstraction comes to light through an innate and harnessed use of color and composition. She uses inks, spray paint, collage, acrylics, cold wax and oil paint to perfect her vibrant symbolic paintings. Her art evokes feelings of deep emotion, love, and hope. She achieves palpable textures and moods with every confident brush stroke. Her  versatility is a tribute to her sensitivity to her subjects and keen observation skills. She attended Milan Art Institute where she embraced her love for art, excelling and honing her skills.

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