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Nick Colquitt

Cell: 704-614-0289  


Barnardsville, NC

My painting practice serves to develop a more true faculty of sight. It helps me notice and see beyond my initial surface level perceptions, to illuminate greater truth. It is a therapy for me and I hope that my paintings bring the same sense of peace to anyone who stops to take them in.


My primary subject thus far has been the landscape surrounding my home in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I hope to not only visually convey land, water, and sky but also a create sense of place with depth, atmosphere, sunlight, temperature, wind, movement. Above all, want to echo the natural beauty that calls us to be present and connect with the land and inspires stewardship and community within it.


I intend to continue developing my own landscape style while also exploring more individual and elemental aspects of nature in still life and portrait styles, in varied size formats. I work in oil paint with traditional methods. Painting is not something I consider a gift or a talent, but rather a skill anyone can develop and hone through deliberate practice, patience and acceptance of all those happy accidents along the way.


Eventually I would like to create a series of technical painting tutorials, with that belief at its core, to demystify oil color pigments and techniques for anyone willing to put in the time and practice

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