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Selinger-Stromfeld, Ann 

Cell: 516-528-0543 


Swannanoa, NC

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An artist inspired by Nature's beauty
For as long as I can remember, I've always dreamed of a quiet place to live. to breathe, to create, to paint. Now living in Western
North Carolina, my visions have come to life. My artwork follows Nature's path so that the subtlety of the curves accent the stylized shape of the flower petal supported by its leaf as the straight beams oflight from the sun's rays
dissolve into the rolling slopes of the majestic mountains. My hope is that viewers of my work can embrace the elements of art and relax to the lines and colors that define the
movement, creating a sensuality of the shape and a visceral connection to my paintings.
The contrasting lights and darks and gradual
tonality of the colors are intentional, setting offthe brilliance of Nature's life. The
intention is to paint so brightly that the images jump off the painted paper. I hope your visual exploration of my art, the elements I have chosen to emphasize, will invite you to see and feel our wondrous world in a new light...Enjoy!

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