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McCabe, Yvonne

Cell: 704-929-5042


Weaverville, NC

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I am a Weaverville, North Carolina based artist and I have been obsessed with art ever since I could hold a crayon.  Eager to learn, I started early in life practicing various techniques such as ceramics, sculpture and drawing/painting.  As I excelled in drawing I focused my energy on honing my skills with pencils and watercolors.  Recently I put my energies into a mixture of graphic design, digital art and physical traditional works in mixed medias.  

My paintings are generally made with:  acrylics, colored pencils, gouache and watercolors.  My artwork is highly illustrative and is a play on realism with a dash of abstraction.  I am inspired by the mysterious western North Carolina mountains and their beautiful nature.  I also draw inspiration from ancient mythology, legends and stories, which I  incorporate into my portraits and animal paintings.  With great effort to always evolve my skills and style, I believe that art is about fluid movement, lightness and darkness.

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