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Kathy Goodson

Cell: 704-236-4554  


Asheville, NC

Color Makes a Statement 


Color is one of my visual languages. With my botanicals, I am interested in capturing the drama of colors in flowers and leaves so that they leap off the painting, like a visual feast. The thrill of creating something unexpected with color is an elixir to me with reds and fuchsia my favorites. 


When I am creating an abstract, I start by thinking about color, and then a story begins to grow in my mind.  As colors begin to play in my mind, I may journal about feelings that are arising.  Usually a symbol will also pop up, one loaded with meaning related to the story.  All of this has to happen before I put the first brush stroke on the silk or wood.  Sometimes I step outside of my color comfort zone, just to push me into a new direction.  

My process is extremely interactive. I love to let the painting, whether silk and dye or encaustic, create then lead me.

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