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Christy Little

Cell: 603.540.5463 


Asheville, NC

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 I am an intuitive artist who best speaks in color. Through deep personal growth and inner healing I found my authenticity and a new sense of inner peace. This has led to embracing creativity as my super power and the catalyst for me to make positive changes in the world.  

 I have been drawn to acrylics and their incredible flow abilities to invoke an energy within my pieces.  There’s a movement within them that naturally brings up feelings when you look at them.

Each piece is created with love for the receiver to be blessed with their charged energy. I call this Energetic Art- lively color and movement created with love to open the heart.

I feel a strong mission to help open the hearts of humanity through my energetic paintings, journals, and wearable art.

 When our hearts open, we connect to our souls, which is where true authenticity and compassion for our human experience flourishes.

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